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  1. Hello Miss, it’s Humaira I’m a bit stuck on questions 24 and 25 on paper 2 of the Friday 14 June 2013 past paper.I don’t understand how you work them out. Could you please help me? Thankyou

    • Hi Humaira
      Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shspe, so on Qu 24 start by using the perimeter of the square to find its side. This will then give you the sides of the square in the bottom diagram and therefore the diameter of the semi-circles. Find the circumference of the semi-circles. Finish by finding the perimeter of the whole shape – the two semicircle circumferences plus the two sides of the square which are on the perimeter.

      On Q25 if Amy has n pounds and Chris has 18 pounds more than her, write an expression for how much Chris has got (think about what you would do if Amy had £10). The total that they raise together is £45, so add their two amounts and put them equal to 45 to form an equation that you can now solve.

      Hope this helps, let me know what answers you get and I’ll tell you if they are right.
      Ms Hall

      • Hello Miss, Thankyou for the help it makes a lot more sense after you explained it.
        I worked out Q24 and for the diameter I got 12 and the circumference I got 38. Therefore for the answer I got 100cm.
        For Q25 I worked out that Amy raised £36 and Chris raised £54.
        Are these answers right?
        Thankyou – Humaira

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