This page contains a selection of my resources for use in Mathematics classrooms.


Starter Activities

All of the following are short activities designed for use either with students whiteboards or traffic light cards (multi-choice questions).


As a % of   Decimal big or small 1   Decimal big or small 2   Decimal scales

FDP Equivalents 1   FDP Equivalents 2   FDP Equivalents

FDP    Fraction big or small   Fraction Equivalents   Fraction shapes

Percentages without a calculator   Percentages without a calculator1

Place value & mul, div by 10   Powers & Roots 1   Powers & Roots 2

Ratio – simplifying   Reading Scales   Rounding to units   Squares

Standard Form  10QQ – mult & div by 10, 100, 1000

10QQ – multiplying decimals   10QQ – powers & roots

10QQ – powers & roots1   10QQ – types of number   10QQ – types of number2


Algebra T or F   Brackets   Brackets2   Equations of lines V&H   Equations

Equations2   Equ’s gradients and intercept   Equs of Lines – naming

Expressions 2   Expressions   Factorising   Inequalities – drawing

Inequalities – Naming   magic or maths   Number machine

Number machine1   Picture Board – Brackets spot mistakes

Picture Board – expr and formula   Pyramids   Pyramids2

Picture Board – Indices Picture Board – writing expressions Yr 7

Sequences   Sequences2   Sequences – negatives   Sequences & Rules


3D Coordinates – starter   Angle rules – multi   Angle rules – simple

Angle rules – simpler still   Angles and parallels   Area starter   Area starter2

Circle starter   Guess the word – angle rules   Guess the word – triangles & quads

Guess the word – simple angles   Picture Board – Circles

Picture Board – Polygons and angles   Rotation   Rotation1   Speed, Distance, Time


Teaching PPTs

The following are PPTs designed for use as teaching resources, although most also include questions for students too.


ETKS3 – Fractions – add sub  Decimal Places   Equivalent fractions

Fraction to decimal   Fraction to percentage   Long Multiplication

Prime factor fireworks   Prime factors   Rounding   Sig figs


Describing regions 1   Describing regions 2   Linear graphs

Parellel lines, gradients and perpendiculars   Quadratic Graphs x squared

Sequences and rules1   Shading regions


3D Coordinates   Area of a circle   Area of composite shapes   Area of Rectangles

Area of Triangles   Circle theorems 1 and 2   Circle theorems 3 and 4

Circle theorems tangents   Constructing triangles   Constructions

Order of Rotation   Pythagoras   Rotation with tracing paper

Surface area of cuboids – table method

 Trigonometry – Unit Of Work:

1. LESSON PLAN 1 Enlargement   2. LESSON PLAN 2 Similar Triangles

3. LESSON PLAN 3 Right-angled Triangles & Tangent Ratio

4. LESSON PLAN 4 Sines and Cosines  5. LESSON PLAN 5 Trigonometry Problems

L1.1 Enlargement starter   L1.2 Enlargement   L1.3 Enlargement

L2.1 Similar triangles   L2.2 Similar Triangles   L2.3 Similar Triangles

L2.4 Similar Shapes Exam Question

L3.1 Labelling sides   L3.2 Right angled triangles   L3.2 Right angled triangles

L3.3 Tangent Ratio Practice

L4.1 Calculator buttons   L4.2 Trigonometry   L4.3 Trigonometry multi-choice

L5.1 Picture Board – Trig mistakes   L5.2 Trigonometry cards

L5.2 Trigonometry cards – extra cards  L5.3 Trig Problems   Trigonometry Tables


Box Plots   Cumulative Frequency   Listing Outcomes   Mean from Table

Pie Charts   Probability 10 QQ   Stem & Leaf   Tree Diagrams


Exit Tickets

Use as a quick assessment of learning at the end of a lesson/series of lessons.

A couple of well written questions can save you marking pages of work to discover when you can move on or whether there are mis-conceptions that you need to tackle.

I take them in as students leave the room, mark and place on students desks as they enter the next lesson.  Students then stick them in their books and correct any mistakes.

KS 3

ETKS3 – Area & perimeter   ETKS3 – Area of circle   ETKS3 – Brackets

ETKS3 – Circumference   ETKS3 – Collecting terms   ETKS3 – Decimal places

ETKS3 – Equations   ETKS3 – Equations1   ETKS3 – Equations2

ETKS3 – Equations3   ETKS3 – Equations4   ETKS3 – Estimating

ETKS3 – Expressions   ETKS3 – Fractions – 4 rules   ETKS3 – Fractions – add sub

ETKS3 – Fractions   ETKS3 – Indices   ETKS3 – Indices1

ETKS3 – mult & div by 0.1, 0.01   ETKS3 – mult & div by 10, 0.1

ETKS3 – mult & div by 10   ETKS3 – Mult decimals   ETKS3 – Order of ops

ETKS3 – Percentages inc dec   ETKS3 – Percentages non calc

ETKS3 – Polygons   ETKS3 – Question   ETKS3 – Re-arranging

ETKS3 – Reflection   ETKS3 – Rotation   ETKS3 – Sequences

ETKS3 – Simple percentages   ETKS3 – Volume cylinder


ETKS4 – Brackets   ETKS4 – Change of subject

ETKS4 – Circle theorem1   ETKS4 – Circumference   ETKS4 – Decimal places

ETKS4 – Equations   ETKS4 – Equations1   ETKS4 – Expressions

ETKS4 – Factorising   ETKS4 – Fractions   ETKS4 – Graph

ETKS4 – Linear graph   ETKS4 – Percentage change (2)

ETKS4 – Percentage change   ETKS4 – Percentages non calc

ETKS4 – Pythagoras   ETKS4 – Question   ETKS4 – Regions

ETKS4 – Sequences   ETKS4 – Standard form   ETKS4 – Stem & leaf   ETKS4 – Substitution


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